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Research and services

Diaz Research is unique in focusing on IT people issues. The services we provide can not be found elsewhere.


We provide our members with up-to-date information and advice on IT people and organisation issues. 

Non-members can gain a better understanding of our research by visiting our demo research library.

Our research falls into four main categories:

  • Analyst Notes: concise papers summarizing research findings and giving actionable advice on a very specific topic.
  • Spotlight Papers: In-depth examinations of broader topics.
  • Snapshot Research reports: quantitative reports which are based on data provided by members via a short questionnaire.
  • Annual IT People and Organization Review: Summaries of the IT Human Resources scene that provide predictions for the coming year.

In addition to these publications, we have QUICK INFORMATION EXCHANGES, which allow clients to quickly get answers to burning questions and 'consultants guides', which are extras and are not bundled into any subscription.


We also host face-to-face meetings. Nothing said in Diaz Research client meetings ever goes 'on the record' but we do produce notes that capture some of the interesting bits.

Online events and teleconferences

Our online events and teleconference can be presentation led or less formal discussions of experiences and ideas round the table. Recent topics have included:

  • Re-motivating the ageing IT workforce
  • Big Data: what's happening?
  • IT contractor pay issues
  • Diversity in IT
  • Recruitment practices

Presentations are loaded onto our members area.