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Diaz Research

Diaz Research is the trusted hub for large companies' IT functions that focuses on IT Human Resources and IT people and organization.

How we help ...

HR management in the IT function poses special challenges. We address these challenges by helping our clients exchange information on good practice, and their current situations and plans. We analyse what they tell us, research trends, and provide them with research papers and events that help them do a better job, saving both time and money.

We run two subscription based networks designed for large blue-chip companies: the UK & Ireland IT People and Organization Programme and Global Best, a network for Global companies whose turnover exceeds $20 billion.

All our members get access to research documents, meetings, teleconferences, and online conferences. For more information on our services visit the research and services page.

What our members say ...

'It has been enormously useful to be able to cite what others are doing across a range of areas.'

'This is an outstanding research paper, I am most impressed with your firm.'

'Just one teleconference saved us more than the cost of our subscription.'

'[The meeting was] excellent, as always!'