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About Diaz Research

Diaz Research was founded in 2001 by Iain Smith, then head of the Hay Group's TMT consulting team in London. Initially it was a pure research company focusing on IT employee issues but it soon launched its first subscription service, providing a mix of research and meetings. Some more of the background to Diaz Research is told here: Why Diaz Research was founded

In 2010 we moved beyond our historic base in the UK and Ireland by setting up the Global Best group for large globally co-ordinated companies.

We are completely independent and take no sponsorship or revenue from anyone other than our clients. Client events are private peer-peer exchanges.

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Our clients are large blue-chip companies that employ hundreds or thousands of IT people. Please contact us for a list of client companies. 


Diaz Research Limited is registered in England: 4038195. VAT registration number is (GB) 761254244. See Contact page for registered address.

The Name

'Diaz' was chosen because of its strong connection to exploration: Bartolomeu Diaz was the man who first went round the Cape of Good Hope.